Item Adder

The item adder is currently down for repairs.

Club Penguin Item Adder:

You cannot be logged on to Club Penguin while using the item adder, otherwise your item will not be saved. Also, you can only add unpatched items.

Note: After you press “Submit”, it will say “Message Sent.” This means that the item has been added to your account.

Here is the list of some unpatched items:

Item ID Item Name
19126 Top Trumps Exclusive
14605 Major Tunage Shirt
4664 Watermelon Costume
429 Miners Helmet
2020 Spy Goggles
339 Friendship Bracelet
1196 Bucket Hat
1191 Purple Bat Wings
1236 Purple Propeller Cap
1300 The Trapeze Artist
1301 The Jingle Jangle
1302 The Sundae Surprise
1303 The Balloonist
1304 Inky Squid Lid
1323 Glowing Pumpkin Head
244 Ghost Costume
14446 Scarlet Admiral coat
3032 Amulet
1321 Fire Headband
1322 Water Headband
8010 Water Booster Deck
8006 Fire Booster Deck
14485 Tranquility Robe
14554 Treasure Chest Costume
1207 Globe Hat
1333 The Jingle Bell
1332 CFC Cap
1334 The Tree Topper
1335 The Hornament Hat
4473 Gingerbread Cookie Costume
1331 Springy Santa Hat

If the item is unpatched and the item is not added to your account, contact us immediately by clicking here.

28 comments on “Item Adder
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  2. Shiny2234 says:

    Hi I Didnt Recive My Item And My Item Is The Rare Tiara And The Code Is 412 And I Clicked Submit And Read EVERYTHING And Please Help Me!!!And By The Way I Emailed You!Please Check Your Email.

  3. Shiny2234 says:

    And Wut Does UnPatched Mean?!?!O.o

    • pranthepielover says:

      Well im not a helper of tis site but, unpatched means that you already dont have the item currently in your inventory

  4. Shiny2234 says:

    Please Read My Messages!!!:(

  5. Shiny2234 says:

    ILL GIVE YOU 10 CP ACCOUNTS FOR THIS JUST PLEASEEEEEEEEEE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT THE TIARA SOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY

  6. Micahdesara says:

    Yay! Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve got exactly what I have been wishing for!

  7. Micahdesara says:

    This is so awesome! THANKKKKKKKKKSSSSS! Triple thanks!

  8. micahdesara says:

    This is awesome awesome

  9. lulu says:

    hey i tried the watermelon coustume and it didn’t work……

  10. Sam says:

    idiot! thats patched!

  11. abcmatt12 says:

    shiny. un patched items are items whuch you csn hack. though the items which are patched are not possible to hack. The only items you can get are the ones on that list.

  12. Bobyjoe721 says:

    Guys patched means that club penguin has made sure that no items can ever be hacked with out auto banning so that means you have to look up online the id codes (the security code thing club penguin uses to create their items) so there fore you can’t add things like the tiara because club penguin patched it up MANY years ago so now good bye
    (my ten accounts please) ( lol jk bye now)

  13. Ryan says:

    What do u mean by unpatched

  14. Ryan says:

    Gary on right now at big foot on English or French servers

  15. j5chan168 says:

    I know how you did it, now stop lieing. You turn your computer on auto clicker, and use cheat engine. You LOG INTO the account. Now, just shut down you site. Oh, you can give it to me! My site was #9 but i’m selling it

  16. micahdesara says:

    I am afraid of getting banned

  17. alex47880 says:

    this sucks it disnt add clothing it took my clothing now you guys that works here you ow me some items.

  18. alex47880 says:

    i will help anybody that needs the help

  19. saaria says:

    stop being so lazy and fix it quickly because of that i had email a person my pass and my username and they don’t bother to reply and give me what i want

  20. saaria says:

    hi can you please fix it fast? because if you dont fix it fast people migth loose interest and btw is blue hoodie, pink hoodie purple hoodie, pink lettersman jacket, black sunglasses, the beflutterd, sunstriker, the tuft and diva sunglasses(red ones already have white ones) patched? i want all of them its okay if some of them are patched

  21. hidiho says:

    are 1271, 6077, 4380 or 2033 um patched

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